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Immedia continues its multinational expansion of music and marketing channels to one of the largest restaurant chains in the world, delivering real time content streams around the clock to over 3000 restaurants. In UK, Ireland, Germany, Finland, Sweden and The Netherlands.

We provide award winning music content and delivery of multilingual marketing, promotions and colleague communications to all locations.

As testament to our work, Immedia was awarded ‘European Supplier of the Year’ for its services in 2016.


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BMW Group UK desire to provide an industry benchmark in retail customer experience and following exceptional responses to trials held in a small number of prestigious showrooms in 2014, Immedia Group plc has been appointed as the official provider of digital music channels for BMW and Mini dealer showrooms across the UK and Ireland.

The music selection for each channel is designed to encapsulate the spirit of both the BMW and Mini brands. Immedia has developed a music strategy with heightened brand symphony, creating a closer demographic alignment between the music and their customers.

Historically, franchisees have been tasked with creating their own music playlists for showrooms, iPods, local radio stations, CDs and in some cases, no music at all. In every case providing the right audio ambience for the retail space has proven to be difficult.

Now, franchisees can order one or both of the official digital music channels relevant to each brand. Each channel is carefully mastered with hundreds of ‘brand tracks’ updated monthly.

“Music and first class sound reproduction can be a huge enhancement to the overall driving experience, and we aim to remind customers of this in the retail environment” – Immedia.

Creative media services to Tomatin


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The Tomatin Distillery has been producing the finest Whisky from its home, a quiet corner in the heart of the Highlands, since its beginning as far back as 1897. Since then the distillery has gone from strength to strength currently seeing its range of single malts sold in over 50 export markets across the globe.

Tomatin looked to roll out a subtle rebrand, revolving around the theme of the softer side of the Highlands, alerting to the overall look and feel of the brand. A corporate video was a core asset in the overall rollout strategy and as such the production had to capture wholeheartedly the true essence of who and what Tomatin is, importantly ensuring the passion that goes into creating the drink is underlined throughout.


AVC Immedia got involved in devising a storyboard and providing creative direction with our focus on brining the story of Tomatin to life. From humble begins to a drink enjoyed across the globe we followed this very journey from production to pour. We progressed the story by showing the scale Tomatin has reached from trendy bars in big cities to small enchanting country pubs. As with any branding project the target audience is at the core of every decision we made and for Tomatin this meant communicating with loyal and new customers both locally and internationally whilst also appealing to their mass social following.

To ensure we conveyed this message we produced the video with a heavy sensory emphasis. We activated all the customers senses when they watched the video, we wanted them to almost smell, feel and taste the whisky from the visuals and sounds. This was achieved via various production methods getting closer to the action than any traditional means with our unique fleet of tech.
Complimented by breaks in the audio and subtle sound effect additions we again elevated the viewers experience: the rustle of the grain, the subtle drip of the water from the icicle, the footsteps of the highland cows in the field, the sound of the glass being placed on the bar all came together to heighten the user experience when viewing.



Following the launch of the video it was extremely well received both internally and externally and now takes pride of place being played daily in thier visitor centre. Due to our approach and emphasis on delivery to Tomatin’s specific target audience the project is now being further developed to take sensory marketing a step further. We are developing Tomatin’s very own brand channel by developing and delivering a customer experience focused app with the inclusion of Virtual Reality.

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Superdrug are rolling out across their estate an interactive in-store radio channel to strengthen their customer engagement.

The in-store radio – Superdrug Live will be launched alongside the a free Wi-Fi service and available across their 700-strong store estate by the end of the year. The radio station supplied by Immedia Group PLC will be broadcast live, allowing the retailer to interact with customers while shopping in store, improving their customer experience and helping the retail to engage with their customers on a new level.

Being a Live channel Superdrug will be holding competitions, encourage music requests and read out messages to create further engagement with their customers.

Superdrug Marketing Director Matt Walburn stated: “We know how trend conscious our customers are and Wi-Fi will allow them to go online to gain instant inspiration.


Superdrug recorded up to a 24% increase in sales of products promoted on their channel.

“The new technology will add an extra element of interaction and fun for customers.”

Superdrug Marketing Director

Live in-branch radio HSBC


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It was the first time a UK Bank had developed its own live radio station, after bosses gave the thumbs-up following a four-month trial of the service. Thirteen years on, the live channel has become an integral part of the in-branch experience, with tailor made content including music, news and sports. In addition the channel also features a mixture of marketing and presenter led information, including mortgages, loans and insurance.

“It disguises conversations between ourselves and customers…it makes it more confidential” HSBC Staff

“A sound identity plays to a customer sense powerfully”
“We have essentially created a toolkit for the organisation so that when we approach sound in any given experience, there is one unique, globally consistent source material to ease fragmentation and build a consistent, signature brand experience.”
Andrea Newman, global head of brand at HSBC

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“HSBC Live” is now an institution in banking.